Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why am I neglecting my blog..?

Phewwwwww~ just settled my 8 assignments. HOHOHOHO!! It's like finally I can enjoy my holidays. I'm so gam dong T.T Now just pray pray and pray, hope I can get good marks for my assignments. Okay so, since when is my last post. I know if I still don't update my blog, then I will be more busier in the future, then neglect my blog again. Wtf it's end of July already. Tomorrow will be my birthday month, yay or nay?! This year I never expect anything for my birthday la, somehow I have the feeling that nobody will remember my birthday wtf. *emo emo* Starting from August I will be real busy! Piano exam (nervous shit. I feel like I haven't prepared anything and it's 21 days away!), video shooting, presentations, dance competition, performances etc etc. I wish I was a hercules so that I can have the superhuman strength to complete all these tasks. T.T Dear lord please be with me. If you are wondering why am I neglecting my blog for so long, here's the reason:

1) Busying with academic stuffs
Yea, as I mentioned above, I have 8 assignments to be done (which is considered less compared to the first semester, 10). Thanks god finally I did it. Perhaps it's an easy task for you but for me, no it's not. Why? Because I am the person who cannot face computer for a very long time or else I will feel dizzy and my eyes will be like --> @.@ Hello, assignments not easy to do one leh especially that business law assignment, need to do a lot of researches, read a lot of cases, and all the bombastic words & law terms.. 我真的不是做律师的料.

2) Take care of my little brother

my handsome boy ♥♥♥

What a long long story to tell.. :'( My cute little brother just did a brain surgery and stayed at hospital for few weeks. Flashed back the moment when I got my dad's phone call, informing me that my lil bro needs a surgery because of a brain hemorrhage, I almost fainted :'( Helpless, scare, confused, worried etc. Keep telling myself that I have to stay tough, stay strong so that I can take care of my parents and my bro. Thanks god he went to the best hospital, had the best doctor, best nurses, everything the best there. Like a dream, everything is just like a dream. I never thought that such incident would happen on my family members. Anyway I learnt how to cherish and appreciate every day, every minute, every moment with my loved ones after this incident. God first, family second. Now I know how much they mean to me. Ohana ♥ Please love your family more!!

3) Practice..
Preparing for piano exam. :'( I need more strength! Damn hate it when my fingers slip off from the piano keys! arghhhhh but I couldn't control lolololll. need more practice.

So yea now you know why I hiatus for so long~ I hope I have more time to update my blog in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading my blog! xoxo.

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