Saturday, October 11, 2014

Super Dancers 2014 Audition @ Sg.Wang Plaza

Hi dearies! Long time no 'see'! Welcome back to my blog :) Can't believe August and September just passed in a blink of an eye! and it's October now.. 2014 is ending soon! :O September was a happening, wonderful and eventful month for me. I had a lot of my 'first time' in September. :p btw back to the topic, I'm gonna blog about the Super Dancers 2014 audition @ Sg.Wang Plaza.

Yeps, I guess most of you did know that I joined a dance competition with my dance crew. The competition was held at Sg.Wang Plaza, on 7th September 2014. And one of the judges was my dance teacher. lolololollll There were two days for audition and we'd chosen the second day, which was 7/9. 

Before competition..

We practiced #likeaboss in front of people's shop! lollll :p

There were lotsa strong competitors this year! *though I didn't join last year.. lol* and.. that made us couldn't enter into the second round. *sob sob* but for me, as long as we tried our best, we had won :)) I really did enjoy the stage that day! 

Kinda love my look of the day. #LOTD receive good compliments of my look! awwww thanks people :) you know who you are :p

With the judges, Simon and LuckyStar :)

Though we couldn't enter into semi-final, I'm still feeling grateful for everything. Thank you beloved Akiyo teacher for arranging the dance steps and mashup songs for us. Not to forget my dance crew, thank you for contributing your time and effort for this competition. Unique Freakz, let's work harder together and together we can achieve our dream one day. 

Unique Freakz ♥

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