Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Helloooooooo! Finally it's semester break now! Just ended final exams two days ago. Overall the exams were not bad, quite easy. I want a 4.00 please..

 hmm so now it's the third week of December already and my first two weeks of the month just passed like that :( 
what a waste.. 
I love December so much but why it passes so fast :\
two more days to doomsday? ahahahhaha.

ahhhh iPhone 5 has already launched in Malaysia.

see! iPhone 5 is so 'gorgeous'! IKR.
you know what, I feel like switching my iPhone 4s to 5 whenever I see iPhone 5. It's just so cool..
feel a lil bit regret for buying iPhone 4s actually. lollll slap me.
iPhone 5 is just slightly different from iPhone 4s but it's just SO COOL.
I like its aluminum and glass body. but am wondering will it crack when it drops to the floor? lol who cares right. The Apple EarPods is so cute as well ♥♥♥
urgh.. I feel so sad cuz I can't be its owner before the world ends. SAD.
Could anyone please sponsor me or do you want to buy a second hand iPhone 4s? hahaha :p
no I'm not kidding. 
alright, will stop myself from seeing iPhone 5 anyways. T_T


yeahhh Christmas is coming soon. Love Christmas, as always.  ♥
 So what's your Christmas plan?
I'll be going for a vacation during Christmas. Can't wait for it! :D
I always want to spend my Christmas overseas and finally the dream comes true this year!
although it's not a white Christmas.. but better than none right. x)

wtf i crap so much.. but..
As the doomsday is reaching, so crap as much as i can. lol.

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