Monday, December 24, 2012


So the world is not end yet..

Thursday, 20.12.2012 

I spend my day with my girl, SumSum 
We met twice before but finally today is our official outing ^_^ I have to admit that I actually feel a lil bit nervous before meeting her. hahahahah x)

I feel so sorry to her because I was late! traffic jam traffic jam :(

 We went for lunch at Watami Japanese Restaurant.

guess what, she gives me all these while we're waiting for the foods. ohmygawd I'm so gam dong when I receive these souvenirs from her
Feel so sorry to her once again because I didn't prepare anything for her :((((


the iPhone casing is so nice. 
How sweet is she.

Finally the foods are here, hunger attacks. lol



The foods are good. Both of us are so fullllllll after lunch. #satisfaction
Then, movie time! We wanna watch Ah boys to men at first but the showtime is too late. :| So we choose Jack Reacher which shows at 2.20pm :)

Plot : 

After a sniper kills five people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, police arrest a man named James Barr, a former army sharpshooter, who asks them to contact Jack Reacher, a drifter and former Army Military Police officer. Working as an investigator for Barr's defense attorney, Reacher unravels a case involving a hired killer and a Russian known only as "the Zec."

Rate : 2.5/5
errrrr frankly speaking... to both of us, this movie is bored. This movie takes 2 hours to finish and we're like 'ahhh I'm so sleepy' after the movie. -.- no offence kay

Next, taking picha with the christmas decorations is a MUST. :D
The Christmas decorations at 1u are awesomeeeee! love the way they decorated their mall :) cupcakes.. snowman.. awww

Panaroma view


Wear black and red in order to match the christmas theme. lol

Merry Christmas. hahahaha x)


Have a very enjoyable outing with her.
planning the next outing now ^_^

love you you.

Should've closed my eyes. #phailed.

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