Monday, December 31, 2012

✈【Travelogue】Universal Studios Singapore

I'm back from vacation! awww time flies :( how I wish I could stay in Singapore forever and put all the works aside. nah impossible so back to reality lah.

ALRIGHT, back to the topic. I went to Universal Studios Singapore on 27.12.2012! I always want to go there since 2 years ago and now is like MY DREAM CAME TRUE. lol happy kids.

On the day, cousie drove all the way from JB to Sentosa early in the morning. We reached there quite late actually cuz there's a lil bit jam at the checkpoints + we need to buy two more tickets for my cousin bro. THE QUEUE WAS SUPERRRRRRR LONG! as expected. lol 

So now.. let's step into the park! :DDDD so excited can die.

Christmas.. Christmas decorations everywhere. 


the terrible roller coaster - Human (the red track) and Cylon (the blue track) 
Cylon is much horrible compared to Human as our legs hanging out and it has 360 degree spin! 

Guess who we met while we're on the way to Far Far Away...

so cute :3

Next : Shrek 4D 

thumbs up to this 4D show! it's really really awesome. We queued about 20 minutes for this. The spider part was funny! and there's water splashed out whenever the donkey sneeze! BESTNYA.

REVENGE OF THE MUMMY the thrilling indoor roller coaster! The car will accelerate and halts into a sudden stop when it nearly crash into the wall, then the car drops backwards!! the car stops again, accelerates, then drops down and goes down a winding drop!! HEART ATTACK!!

have a break after the heart-attack-ride, we went for lunch at Malaysian Food Street. :) had Malacca chicken rice balls :D

Ride on a roller coaster after lunch. no feeling as it's a JUNIOR roller coaster. -.-

Next, WATERWORLD SHOW! damn a lot of ppl queuing outside. Luckily we still get to sit at the soak zone. hehehe.*thumbs up again* 

Even my lil cousin bro wanted to take a picture with all the heroes cuz he said they look handsome! 

Then we went to queue for Treasure Hunters. LONG LONG QUEUE again :/ shouldn't have queue for this cuz it's wasting time. we spent almost 1 hour to queue :/ :/ :/ REGRET die.

ok, the BEST OF THE BEST is here - TRANSFORMERS THE RIDE: The Ultimate 3D battle! this is seriously a must-ride one if you're going to USS! *note this down yo* super duper triple quadruple AWESOME! the part when we're crashing down from the building is cool! HOU CI GEK AHH.

 Met both Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee after the ride! :DD

Went back to Jurassic Park for the rapids adventure but the waiting time was 65 minutes! mummy said we need to leave at 9pm so we missed the chance to ride on it :( ahhhhhhhh feel like crying :( bro and cousie went to ride on Dino-soarin instead.

Last ride : Accelerator

Went to New York Street to take some pictures before heading back. 

 the WORLD'S GREATEST DAUGHTER award goes to..

with mummy :* *spot the transformers souvenir bottle that mummy holding! :D*

Can't wait to go there again! If I were to go again, for sure I will get an express pass to avoid the long queue -.-

Hope you guys enjoy my USS post, bye! :)
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