Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All About 2012..

Hello 2013! Everyone seems like having their own plan last night but I'm staying home watching tv with my brother! Even my parents went for karaoke and counting down for 2013 but me?! TT Been sick for 4 days since I back from JB :/ I didn't want to waste my last day of 2012 but.. urgh why sickness came at this time.

Alright back to the topic. I bet everyone will post the same thing today which is NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS right? yeah so do I :p

Searching back my 2012 new year resolutions which I posted a year ago, I found out that I achieved most of it. :D

so here's my 2012 new year resolutions and the timeline of my 2012 experience :)

Resolutions :

1. get scholarship from Sun-Mapcu! NAH I DIDN'T EVEN APPLY FOR THIS -.-

2. - get into the course that I want HMM AT LEAST THE COURSE I'M DOING NOW IS WHAT I WANT :)

3. - get my P-license GOT IT! :D

4. get myself a camera!! OK 2013 RESOLUTIONS -.-

5.- get my first cheque from nuffnang CASH OUT DY BUT HAVEN'T RECEIVED THE CHEQUE! ><

6.- healthier than last year HMMM I THINK SO? :)

1. Done with SPM. Done with highschool.

2. Chinese New Year! had a great one with family :)

3. Daddy bought a new laptop for me ♥

1.  Went to Penang for vacation

2. it's leap year so there was 29.2.2012

1. Daddy got me an iPhone 4s ♥♥

2. SPM results released. got straight A's! :)

3. went to Yoga Lin <想自由> 签唱会

4. Received a reward from xiao yi all the way from JB ♥

1. Driving exam! got my P-license finally :)

2. Scholarship interview

1. Hari Anugerah Cemerlang. got reward from highschool :)

1. Went to Charlie Brown Cafe at KLCC

2. Enrolled into college

1. Scholarship award

1. had the first outing with college mates

2. 18th birthday celebrations with collegemates, highschool friends and family. got a precious present from mummy ♥

3. Exam month

4. Went to Bukit Jalil for MyFm 14th birthday bash
1. Farewell for chee teng. She's going to taiwan for studies :(

1. nothing much happened this month. study study and STUDY.

1. Birthday Surprise for Mimi Koo

2. study study study.

3. practice for GLT play

1. GLT play. first time ever.

2. Final exam ended. Sem break started. :D

3. first outing with Sum ♥

4. passed 21/12/2012 the doomsday


6. had fun with cousins in JB :)

As you can see, 2012 wasn't really good for me but neither was it very bad. hmm looking forward to 2013 :) hehe I even did a resolutions list and made it as my phone's wallpaper. lol

I hope I can achieve all the things that listed in the list! *sounds so weird -.-
will reveal what I want to take part in when I succeed. heeeehee. stay tuned yo. *grin*

so yeah that's all. happy new year everyone! ♥

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