Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Update [3]

OHHH MY GAWD.. Can't believe I've been neglecting my blog for almost TWO months!! I'm lazy.. I know right.

For the past few weeks, I am really busy with my uni stuffs as the final exams are approaching. But now, I've done with it! Yes, this semester has come to an end. You know what?! I feel like I've only attended few classes in this semester, but now, wtf it's gonna end. O.O!!! The lecturers have been cancelling the classes so often in this semester, and I've been skipping class very frequent too! HAHAHA. This semester is definitely a study-smart-play-hard semester. Anyway, say yayy to more than 1 month of holiday! *tears of joy* This month must be very awesome because I have two trips + audition! hehehe I can't wait :D 

I do not have much things to update actually, because I just stick to home 24/7 preparing for exams -.- yeahhh so till next time! bye! 

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