Wednesday, March 5, 2014

【Event】 MPA Group Recognition Night 2014

Hello! Finally I'm free to update my bloggie.. okay la I admit I'm not that busy, but I'm lazy....... lotsa pending posts to be updated! CNY la, trips la, outings la........ I shall done it as soon as possible :p Alright let's back to the topic!

On 20th of February, my course mate Wendy invited me to an event, namely MPA Group Recognition Night, which was held at DoubleTree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur. It was an award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the honor people who make great contributions to MPA, have shown outstanding commitment, have been doing an excellent job, and have achieved professional victory. Btw MPA stands for My Partner Advisor. Go and google about it. :p

One word to describe the event - GRAND! 40+ super cars, red carpets, cocktail session, even the door gift was grand. 请原谅小女见识少wtf. 

Was there at 6pm+ and got to witness all the super cars! wow GRAND. hahahaha lolwtf. 

SEE?! #Bentley #Ferrari #Audi #Lamborghini and what else? you name it.

I LOVE THIS! so damn cool.

All of us were waiting by the pool for the event to start. The pool is so niceeeeeeee!! GRAND x2. lol -.-

Us. Beside the pool. #ootn. :p Dress code of the night was "suit & tie", every one was so formal! :O

Hi, us again :p I'm so regret now cuz I took super less photos that day! :( HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED :(((

7+pm, we were ushered into the ballroom. I remembered once we stepped into the ballroom, Wendy said:" wahhh.. 红星大奖~" hahahahha laugh die me. 

It's GRAND (x3), isn't it?

I like the lights! and the chandelier.

Our table. 36.

Every one of us will get these. A MPA brochure + a gold pendrive as door gift!

Us again. Selfie while waiting for the dishes to be served. #girlsbeinggirls

Took this video when the award ceremony started.  :)

Didn't manage to take picture of all the dishes cuz we're too busy eating. oops. Another regret of the night - I had to leave earlier! sigh.. The ceremony ended at 11+pm but I left at 9.30pm :( Regret to the max max MAXXXX!! But it's okay.. since it's over.. alright.. 

Overall it's a very good experience to be there. I'm glad. Glad to witness all the scenes in real life which before that I could only watch in the tv. hahahah wtf am I talking about.  So yea, once again, congrats to all the achievers! You guys are seriously amazing and are truly inspiring me. :)

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