Monday, January 6, 2014

【In the kitchen】 - Homemade mashed potatoes

Stop making resolutions and just start something. WELL SAID. Sooner I will be achieving my target -> the fit and lean abs like the photo above! arghhhh so tempting  but it requires lotsa self-controls, disciplines and determinations. Gonna conquer myself. heheh.

Today's already the sixth day of new year, how's your new year been? :) Anyway back to the topic! One of my new year resolutions is to learn how to bake. (and cook perhaps?) So yea, I made a bowl of mashed potato yesterday.

I always think that mashed potato is hard to make but the recipe proves me WRONG. Mashed potato is actually super easy to make!

TA-DAAAA! Well the look might not be that attractive but the taste was superb! Here's the recipe.. *gotten from the internet*

Potato (1kg)
Whipping Cream (100ml)
Salt (1 tbsp)
Pepper (1 tbsp)
Butter (100 gm)

p/s: I don't use any brown sauce. 

1. Boil the potatoes. Let it cold and peel off the potatoes skin.
2. After that, mash your skinless potatoes with potato masher until well mashed. (FYI I was using two spoons to mash it la. lolll)
3. Add whipping cream, salt, pepper and butter. Stir them.
4. OPTIONAL -> I heat the mixture up for few minutes using microwave so that it serves warm.
5. DONE! :)

1. 把马铃薯用水煮熟, 待冷却后, 除去皮.
2. 把煮好的马铃薯压碎.
3. 加入whipping cream, 盐, 胡椒粉, 和牛油. 然后把它们搅拌均匀.
4. 可把薯泥弄热, 这样会比较好吃! 哈哈 *个人认为*
5. 完成啦! :)

hehehe hope you guys enjoy! *oops this is my first post on cooking! :O

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