Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new year's resolutions

Annyeonghaseyo! Happy new year people! As I mentioned in the previous post (click me) I will be posting my new year's resolutions today so here it is!

2014 new year's resolutions:

1. Control my temper. Placed this as the first to-do-thing in the list because I sincerely long to achieve this as my temper is really really bad. You can't imagine how bad it is untiil you've experienced it. loll 

2. Earn and save more money. Who doesn't want to hold more money? *grin* Gotta start learning how to manage my money in an efficient way.

3. Be happier and stronger. Last year, I felt like something had made me drained emotionally. So this year, I hope I could smile no matter what, care lesser, and be stronger than I were yesterday. #nothingcanbeatmedown hahaha x)

4. Take part in some pageant competition. hahaha. yes, you prolly didn't know that I actually took part in some girl search last year but I can't get into the final so yea, I wish I could do better this year. ;) Not that I want to be famous or what, but because I want to challenge myself, to see how far do the potential me can reach. Also, try everything when I'm still young!

5. Go for trips. I traveled a lot last year although most of the vacations were within Malaysia la -.- This year, I hope I can organize more trips with my family and friends. :)

6. Be fit! workout more, sweat more, burn more and gym more! I want a healthy and fit body.

7. Enrich myself. Read more to polish up my English and enrich myself.

8. Learn baking! hahaha. For your information, I always have a thing towards pastries and desserts. So am gonna learn to bake pastries myself! :D I know someone will be laughing in front of the computer screen right now cuz I'm that kind of person who doesn't know how to cook, but I'm willing to learn! So please stop laughing at me >:(

9. Live a wonderful 2014. :)

Ta-daa! These are my new year's resolutions. How's yours look like? :)

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