Tuesday, December 31, 2013


So 2013 is coming to a closure :( WHAIIII SO FAST ONE. Frankly speaking, I'm not ready for the new year yet. Next year, I'll be turning into 20, am no longer a "teenage". How I wish I'm forever 18. lolll. As I'm growing up, my parents are also aging. Sometimes it really breaks my heart to see their grey hairs growing more and more each day. :(

2013, there was tough times, fun times, stressful times, good and bad times. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I must be thankful for everything that happened. By going through all these incidents, I'm gaining experiences, and getting stronger.

2013, I'm really glad that I've achieved most of my resolutions! :) Thank you my dear family who stood by me throughout.

2014, it's in my responsibility to pursue for a better life, and may everyone has a better 2014 ahead!

*will blog about my new year resolutions tomorrow. :)

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