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【Part 1】Preparation for my 21st birthday party

Hey dearies! Today I'm gonna blog about the preparations (decorations, foods, cake etc.) for my 21st birthday party which happened few days ago on 8th August 2015. OHHH I'm already an adult now o.o This blog post is going to be very long and spam by a lot of photos so ARE YOU READY?

Decided to throw myself a e y e birthday party because you know, turning 21st is an important milestone in our life! *well, for me it is.* I still remember vividly when I was 19, I told my mum to save money for me because I need and I want to have a SUPER GRAND 21st birthday party because I don't want to have any regrets when it's over. lololol #childishmind

Then when it comes to 2015, few months before my 21st, I've started to panic because I'm worried that my party would be in a mess. Looking at my 94's friends having their celebrations and parties with all the nice decorations, dessert tables, pretty cakes just make me even worried. I've always told my bestie, Beverly and my mum, what if my party is failed; what if no one comes to my party; what if the foods don't taste nice and A LOT MORE rantings. I think I'm so stress that am gonna get PTSD lol wtf. Anyway all my stupid worries turned out to be unnecessary in the end la hahaha! Million thanks to my dear mummy and bestie for sorting out my problems

----- Preparations for the party ♥ ----- 

I've started to do research about the decorations, dessert tables and cake design 3 months ago lol. Does it sound crazy?! Wanted to hire party planners for decorations but why hire them when you can do everything on your own right?! Plus its gonna be a good experience and memory taking part in the process of preparing my own party.

Choosing cake has made me a big headache too. Fondant cake is nice to see but not nice to eat while cream cake is nice to eat but not nice to see lol. In the end, I've made a right choice choosing a nice-to-see-and-eat 2 tier cake! :p

Set 'pink, white and gold' as the colour scheme for my birthday bash but I think I did not bring out the theme colour well :\ *oh well..* But still, almost 90% of them did obey the theme colour :p Thanks for wearing white/pink outfits :) I'm selfish enough to command them to wear white/pink/gold so that I will look very outstanding in my black dress hehehe :p

On the actual day, we started decorate the venue at 4pm.

Tadaaaa! My simple yet beautiful wall deco! Please don't focus on the letter 'H'. :\
Many thanks to the bestie, her bf & Carman for pumping the balloon and for putting up all the balloons. It's not an easy task as the balloons' holes were super smalllllllll ikr.
Wanted to do a ribbon backdrop instead but it doesn't turn out nice. Yeah I do not have any fancy backdrop or photobooth but it's ok, I'm still happy with this simple one hehe ^_^ All my photos looked beautiful with it as the backdrop :)

On another side.. my leave-a-message corner! The sign banner was done by my talented bestie. She is really damn talented! For others the banner might look simple, but for me it's really special enough. Really appreciate for the time she spent preparing these for me despite her busy academic schedule.

My kepoh (busybody) lil bro is busying too hahahah :p Guess he will kill me if he sees this.

FOODS. It's prepared by my awesome mummy & her friend! The foods tasted good yo! Received good compliments from some of my friends hehe :) I did prepare some desserts for my dear friends too..

Did not manage to take all photos for all the desserts though. Too busy until FORGOT. TT
Btw the cupcakes taste GREAT. Super yummy & fluffyyyyyyy! ♥ Who cares about calories and fats right right RIGHT?!

----- My 2 tiered customized birthday cake ♥ ----- 

I've been considering between fondant cake and cream cake. As what I've mentioned above, fondant cake is very nice to see and it's so 'photogenic' but it doesn't necessarily taste nice. One of my friend told me to choose fondant cake because you know, cake is one of the important items for 21st birthday but I don't want every friends of mine end up not eating the cake and throw it away so I opted for cream cake. Wanted to choose an ombre cream cake but the size was too small to feed 30 pax. Ok.. :( end up choosing this design and it's 2-tier! Aww.. Guess I've made the right choice! Don't you think it's so sweet to look at?! :p ♥♥ 

It's a 3kg vanilla fruit cake and it tasted damn nice! Can't stop eating it hahaha. Many of my friends told me it's tasty too :) The price is reasonable too for this 2-tiered cake! I felt that it was pretty worth it and definitely wayyyyyy cheaper than fondant cakes.

Feel like my dream came true because I've always wanted a 2 or 3 tier cake for my birthday but my mum told me to get it for my wedding in the future -.- HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT FOR IT THEN?!?! Anyway, I'm so happy that I can finally have a 2-tiered cake for my 21st birthday :D

This cake is from PikuLingu's Homemade. The young pretty owner of this homemade shop is so friendly and nice too! She doesn't get frustrated with my stupid inquiries yet explaining to me patiently T_T unlike some other bakers that I met, really make me go !&*($&%!

Alright I should stop here today.. it's too long to insert all photos and words in one post. Guess no one will ever read it :p Will blog about the celebration next post so STAY TUNED :)

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