Friday, August 14, 2015

【Part 2】My 21st birthday party @ Verve Suites Mont Kiara

Fat girl is fat. -.-

Happy Friday dear readers! I should update my blog whenever I have the mood or else I will be procrastinate for idk-how-many-months! :p Today am going to continue the blog post for my 21st birthday party :) In case you want to know more about the preparations I did for my party, you may click HERE to read :)

P/S: This is another blog post with tons of photos.. 

----- Party Time ♥ ----- 

The view from the venue.

Guests started arriving at 7.30pm, even though I told them to come in by 7pm. *you know, Malaysian time* Anyway this party wasn't a huge/grand one with alot of people, in fact it was a private and small one. FYI I didn't invite many people, just invite the people that I'm close with :) It just like a small gathering with my high school gang, foundation's as well as degree's buddies. Ohhh not forgeting my dance mates too! 

The SEGi buddies were playing games w/o me lol. Couldn't join them because I need to serve others :\ Anyway hope they had fun playing the game! :p 

Enjoying the birthday song from them! :p 

Make a wish.. 

----- Photo Session ♥ ----- 

My family heh. Love this photo even though lil bro's face was blur :\ Thanks daddy mummy for organizing me such a memorable party! And the necklace from daddy.. OMG I didn't expect it TT Thanks for tolerating my bad temper, tantrums, craziness for 21 years. It wasn't easy wtf. Ohana ♥

My little fat boy whom I love a lot ♥ Once a baby bro, forever is my baby bro! lol :p 

My best assistant/helper/planner/designer bestie. TT Can't imagine what would my party be without her! I truly appreciate her arrival to my party. Thanks for coming all the way from Kampar just to attend my party and went back to Kampar again in the late night after my party. I'm happy that you've finally found your love! :p Time flies and I'm glad that our friendship is still as close as how we used to be :) It feels surreal how we have spent 14 years together being friends.. ♥ Let's plan for another trip soon! :D

Another bff who helped me out that day! Thanks for being my funny & considerate friend all the time. You looked real pretty that day! :)

Leo baby! Many many thanks for helping me to take my cake! TT Also thanks for being my photographer that night. Without you, I guess I wouldn't be able to write this post with so many photos! xie xie ni ♥

With Zi Ying - my special friend! 

With the fashionista StyloFatso Adrian Chua! 

Endless friendship between us! 

Joey-Carene-Me. My pretty degree buddies! :)

With pretty Mimi Koo! 

The long-time-no-see Mr.Yap! hahaha. 没有高到啊 XD

My SEGi buddies! Love this photo lots! Thanks for coming. ♥ Some of the China friends even postponed their flight ticket just to attend my party. 你们的心意我都收到了! 感恩 TT

My dance mates with their boyfies. hahaha. Thanks for coming all the way from Rawang! Love ya! ♥  

My forever-so-pretty team leader! She's really very pretty right right RIGHT?! 你知道吗 你真的教会我很多东西 不只是舞蹈/比赛方面 就连待人处事 人与人之间的相处之道 你也给了我很多知识。真的很感恩可以认识到你 更开心的是可以成为你的team mates. Love you so much! :) We keep it up together ok! Unique Freakz ♥

Thanks for all the presents too! I didn't expect'em all :O Btw there are some presents I forgot to include them in the photo.. :\ 

There are more photos up on my Facebook (HERE) so I shan't be uploading them up all here! :p Overall, it was quite a hectic day for me but it was indeed a memorable one. A big thank you to everyone who came to my party, and those who wished me through social medias and phone. I know I've said this many times it might seem insincere already, but still, THANK YOU!! 

8th August 2015, was indeed an amazing day to be remembered. :') 

Last but not least, I'm finally LEGAL! xoxo

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