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✈【Travelogue】2015 趣台湾自由行 · 准备篇 Preparation for Taiwan Trip

P/S: You may find that I'm unprofessional or childish or have lots of grammar mistake at writing this post, I just want to share whatever information I know about Taiwan on my blog. You can always click the "X" on the right top of your screen if you find irritated. :)

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Hey yo! I decided to write up a post regarding the preparations I've done for my Taiwan trip. I'm so excited that I look at the calendar everyday, counting down how much days left to fly off, reading lots of Taiwan posts on Google, and planning the itinerary. You know, 4 years ago when I went to Taiwan, I'm just so so so in love with that country. Everything was so good.. The people, the foods, EVERYTHING. I've always been longing to go back to that lovely country and yes, the day has finally here! Few more days to my trip yayyyyyy!!! *sorry for the overloaded exclamations mark, I'm too excited* 

Alright back to the topic!

If you're planning to have a free & easy trip in Taiwan, definitely you need to do a lot of research before jetting off to the Heart of Asia. So let's start!

#1 Flight ticket 
Wait for cheap air ticket! :p For your information, I bought my flight ticket 8 months ago which was in January 2015. I manage to grab the air ticket at RM700/person (two ways ticket), including 20kg baggage (KUL-TPE) and 25kg baggage (TPE-KUL), excluding meals and travel insurance. Not the cheapest price but still reasonable la. :p

I will be traveling with AirAsiaX, and will touch down in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Travel date: 1/9/2015 to 8/9/2015 (8D7N) seriously not enough LOL. #cuziwannastaythereforever

#2 Travel Insurance 
Yes, travel insurance is a MUST for me since the incident happened during my BKK trip last year. You can always purchase travel insurance online eg: AIG, AXA.. at the price ranging from RM19-RM80.

#3 Itinerary
For me, I will plan the itinerary first before searching for accomodation. To plan itinerary, you can always search it on forum such as: Backpackers, Cari and JBtalks, and blogposts that can be searched on Google. Draft the places that you would like to go, eg:

1/9 Taoyuan > Taichung
2/9 Taichung > Cingjing
3/9 Cingjing > Sun Moon Lake > Taichung
4/9 Taichung > Taipei
5/9 Taipei > Jiufen > Shifen > Taipei
6/9 Taipei > Maokong > Taipei
7/9 Taipei > Beitou > Tamsui > Taipei
8/9 Taipei > Taoyuan

*FYI, the itinerary above is mine :p

Trust me, this helps a lot in planning your accomodation. Besides that, below are some useful links that will help in doing your research. *Don't say I didnt tell :p 

I love these maps provided by Trip to Taichung! It's really really useful for tourists like me. ;)  
Trust me (x2), you will definitely spend a lot of time to go through everything on those websites. :p

#4 Accomodation

If you're in Taipei, always remember: Stay in a hotel or homestay that is nearby MRT station; If you're in Taichung, stay in a homestay (民宿). 

I stay in  Taipei Cheeky House 台北俏皮屋 and BabyHome 宝贝客栈 when I'm in Taipei. Both of my stays are nearby MRT station. Will update a blog post regarding my accomodation when I'm back from Taiwan! heeeeeeee :p 

In Taichung, I stay in Chance Hotel 巧合大饭店 on the first day and Feng Chia Xin Su 逢甲新宿 on the third day. Why not second day? Because I will be going to Cingjing on the second day lol. And I will be staying in Cingjing Maple Leaves Hotel (?) 清境枫叶山庄.

#5 Unlimited internet 
Internet is so so so important when you're traveling! (ok la its important to us 24/7 even we're not traveling) You will definitely need internet to contact with people, to connect to social media, or to check the timetable of public transport when you're traveling. For me, I've already signed up for i-Wifi Mobile Router  few weeks before my departure.

The rental costs only NT100/ day. The pick-up and return procedure is easy too - i-Wifi representative will pass you the device once you arrive at Taiwan airport; To return the device, all you need to do is return it at any 7-11 in Taiwan at anytime with free shipping fee. 

Tell you a secret (it's not a secret anymore), it only costs me NT1 instead of NT700 for 7 days rental hahahah *evil grins* 

#6 Taiwan Dollar 
Really NO EYES SEE the currencies nowadays as MYR is depreciating.. The rate of MYR:TWD = 1:7.xx and MYR is continuing to depreciate. -.- seriously wtf man.. what do you want Malaysia?! The rate on the day I exchange (24/8 and 25/8) was only 1:7.26!! I seriously feel like crying looking at the currency rate. TT 

Alright, that's all for today :) See you in a few day later Taiwan! Will update my blog about the trip when I'm back! 
Till then, xoxo 

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  1. Hi Adelin,
    Can you share a copy of your taiwan trip itinerary with me? I only able to view until Day 1. can i have the rest of your travel itinerary? My email is
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Wai Ling, sorry for the late reply.
      Do you still need the itinerary? I can send a copy to you if you still need it. 😄