Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quick update [2]

- Went to Pulau Pangkor on 23.3.13. a short but refreshing trip! The trip brought a respite from tests and lessons. :)

- Did a play for Academic English final assignment on 27.3.13. 'Snow White and Seven Dwafts'. Quite a good and UNFORGETTABLE experience, hahaha xD not forget to mention that, we got full marks among the three groups :D

 beloved group mates ♥

p/s : the seven dwafts are so cute! x)

 celebrated our FULL MARKS at snowflakes :p

- Celebrated mummy's birthday on 9.4.13. She was so so so surprised when she saw the cake :) mummy, I LOVE YOU. 

- gave an earlier birthday surprise for Fook Sheng and my girl, See Wei. Their birthdays are actually on 18.4 and 25.4 but we celebrated for him and her on 3.4 and 10.3 respectively :p I know right, HALF-MONTH-EARLIER-CELEBRATION. nahhh, is all about exam, exam, exam.. The surprises quite successful, as long as they felt surprised :p

- 15.4.2013 to 17.4.2013, last week of semester two. The time is ever fleeting.. Had so much fun in semester two and I wish I could enjoy my coming semester three of foundation with the gang. :)

- Finals start on 26.4.2013. Done with the core papers, one last paper to go.. ACADEMIC ENGLISH. *you better be easy, better be good to me. :\*

*so as you can see, I ATE A LOT OF CAKES IN APRIL. -.-*



【You are strong and can deal with anything that life throws at you. Take a breath and be filled with the knowledge that you can deal with all things.】

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