Thursday, May 23, 2013

【Travelogue】2D1N Genting Trip ♥

Hello dear readers :) obviously.. I'm going to blog about my genting trip with my beloved college friends today. I keep telling myself that *I MUST BLOG TODAY* before going to Thailand later. hehehe *see how good I'm*

planned this Genting trip a month before, was planning to go on 10.5.2013 but too bad, exam had postponed to 11.5.2013 which means if we were to go on 10.5 we had to make it a one day trip. After much discussions with the gang, we decided to postpone our trip to one week later, which was 17.5.2013. It's disappointing when I knew we had to postpone the trip actually.. nahh.. is ok as long as we're not about to cancel it :p


Finally the day is here. Get up at 5.45am and start preparing everything. bath, breakfast, and choose what to wear #girlsbeinggirls -.-
depart at 7.15am, get stuck in traffic jam, all the way from RAWANG TO ONE U. I was late! Urgh.. fml. But thanks god, am still manage to catch up with the bus. :p 很緊張刺激的經驗!Reach skyway station at 10am I think? then wait Clarissa for one hour because she missed the 9am bus and she had to take another bus to skyway. D:

so while waiting... It's photo time! :p

random -.-

11am, alright.. all of them are here :) hop onto cable car to Genting Highlands :D *getting excited*

the girls ♥

Upon arrival we go straight to First World Hotel and check in *although is not check in time yet :p*

24909, our room. TOO BAD I FORGOTTEN TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE ROOM AND THE ROOM CARD! :( *memories gone lolllll*

Not sure whether good luck or bad luck, it's raining heavily outside -.- we couldn't go to outdoor theme park because of the stupid rain :(
so we headed to Coffee Terrace for buffet lunch :\

 the boys. :)

then wtf, the rain stopped right after our lunch and is already 2.30pm.
dilemma.. should we go to outdoor theme park but the park will close at 6pm or should we just wander around.. :\

conclusion,  *scroll down*


we have crazy funnnnnnnnnn while playing roller coaster! :D
have you ever seen a person that can actually care for his hair while playing a roller coaster? lolll
the boys in my gang do. -.-
and the girl sitting beside me, KEE SEE WEI keep shouting no matter what no matter how. nah, she's the reason I laugh till muscle cramp xD 她弄到我笑到没有力喊。HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

 the new one! love this so so much ♥

PIRATE SHIP. all of us feel dizzy after a ride on this. lolll old dy.

lotsa rides closed at 6pm SHARP. We just had like 5 rides only and they closed the park! so damn efficient. -.-
We're so reluctant to leave the park so we decided to take as much pictures as we could in the park. HERE GOES THE PIC.. :D

hahahahha xD

not able to upload all the photos here, so if you want to have a look at all of them please go to my facebook :P Genting 2D1N trip

have our dinner at McDonald's and chit-chatting for 2 hours ++ there. :)
go back to our room at 10pm. wanted to chill at Starbucks but SOMEONE IS SO LAZY TO GO OUT :@
is ok.. take away then :P

bath and play games with them.
Truth or dare session was so FAILED! shouldn't have played in this way. -.-

 gayyyyyyyyyyyyy :p

hahahahahhahahahahhahahahah! he purposely did this for me to take picture! xD

 our cute big boy! xD

sleep at 2.40am. so damn tiringgggggggggggggggg..


very the reluctant to wake up. SEE WHAT THIS GIRL POSTED ON FACEBOOK!!

 hahahahah Kevin's pose is so epic! xD

wake up at 10am, bath and getting ready to check out. :(

But before checking out... *photo session again :p*

in cable car..

bought 1pm bus ticket to one u, had lunch at Wong Kok and after that, home sweet home.

much loves. ♥

Heading to Thailand later! bye Malaysia :p

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