Thursday, August 8, 2013

19th Birthday Celebration @ LoudSpeaker, Kota Damansara

So I had another early birthday celebration with the coursemates..


Heading to Kepong in the morning for HPV injection with Carene and Joey. After injection we go straight to LoudSpeaker, Kota Damansara for le celebration.

约好了11点,可是接近11点半了还不见大家的踪影~ 不管了,我们三个+Raymond 就先到K房边等边唱。
其实.. 我必须要confess一件事 哈哈哈
在Joey和Raymond唱得很尽兴时  我和Carene说要上厕所。上完了厕所其实我们俩有偷偷地跑下楼 本来想偷看那几个迟到的家伙有没有在楼下准备蛋糕 *死不要脸* 可是还是看不到他们..
所以我们又偷偷地回房了。 p/s: 就觉得他们不可能会一起迟到整整1个小时  所以才会去偷窥的 :p

回到房里  看到Sin Wen蹲在地上  手放在背后  然后她还很扯的说她也去打针手麻痹了所以必须放手在背后  *so phailed~ xD*
其实她手上是藏了两张卡片啦~ To Sin Wen: 对不对?:p

Sin Wen告诉我们说我们进错房了,应该是1号房才对。一推开1号房门,大伙儿就开始唱生日歌  哈哈 
他们还小小布置了那间房  而且有气球哦!♥

看得出他们的用心啦 =) 

蛋糕很漂亮也很好吃  嘻嘻 

 Her belated b'day celebration + my b'day celebration in advance

The group photo ♥

Sing K session! :)

Thanks dear Sin Wen :) 

So.. The celebration ends but our friendship will never end even though we will all be separated after foundation studies. I will definitely miss the moment when I'm being with you guys :)

♥ A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil; but it needs a little much of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely.

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