Thursday, August 22, 2013

19th Birthday.

Hiiiiiii dear readers! I'm back ;) FINALLY I'm done with the final examination, the last examination in my foundation studies. Feel so relieved and relaxed now as I don't need to face all the notes, papers, textbooks or slides for two weeks. *You know what.. I haven't been this slacking ever since semester three started. #restless* YES, MY HOLIDAY HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! :D I can do whatever things that I want to do now. Lotsa plans running in my mind now.. I guess I shall jot them down LOL.

So yea, back to the topic. I'm gonna blog about my 19th birthday today. Had first birthday celebration with my girls in un (click me) and the second one with coursemates (click me). The third one with my secondary school babes and the fourth one with my beloved family. 

A mini secondary schoolmates gathering + BBQ session in the house on my birthday eve. 

They surprised me with this lovely cake! Homemade jelly cake from Seen Yee! awwwwww ♥

Had a great night with them. :) 

On the second day, SELAMAT HARI RAYA! and Happy Birthday to me lolllll  Relatives come all the way from JB to KL for holidays :) I'm so excited that day as I can spend my birthday with both of the cutie cousins. 

It's a tradition in our family to have "red eggs" on our birthday, so mummy made me these :)

Have my birthday dinner with family. The restaurant is full of people! OMG luckily mummy make a reservation earlier. Simple yet happy dinner ♥

Birthday cakes for 19th. ^_-

Birthday gifts :3 

You guys really touched my heart. A thousand appreciation and a big bow to you guys for taking the efforts for my birthday. Really appreciate a lot a lot what you guys did for me. Thanks for remembering my birthday :) ♥

So, I'm officially 19 years old now. Age doesn't matter right as long as we're young in our heart :p OKIE done for my birthday blog post! I am going to do a unboxing my new babe blog post next so STAY TUNED :)

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